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It's the little things that matter

Amongst hundreds of hotels in Bali, one stands out for its HEEEL motto: Hip, Endless indulgence, Extraordinary, Easy, Lifestyle. TS Suites Leisure, in the heart of Seminyak Bali provides Bali rooftop villas, private pool villas, and a range of Seminyak Suites. This luxury villa is a five-starred collection of the prestigious TownSquare Group, Jakarta-based property development and management company with portfolios encompassing the South-Jakartan haunt for the trendy ones, Cilandak TownSquare, as well as its hip sister Surabaya TownSquare and the TS Suites Surabaya Hotel.

Being in hospitality industry means you have to have a good understanding of what your customer wants - and TS Suites fully comprehends this. It's the little things that matter, really, and all these things are the reasons why you should pick TS Suites for your next stay in Bali.


TS Suites LeisureBali Seminyak

Jl. Nakula no. 18
Ph. : (0361) 8469 222
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1. It's fully Instagrammable

We love gorgeous hotels, don't we? Well, TS Suites' complex is very much Instagrammable - the whole nine yards.

Lobby and reception area
Courtyard and cascade area


2. Large, pristine rooms with state-of-the-art bathrooms

TS Suites prides itself in its luxurious standards. Their rooms are much bigger than what you usually find in most others, and their perfectly designed bathrooms are just marvelous. Take a look at these rooms. That bathtub (and some seasalt to go with the hot water) is just seriously inviting. Don't you just want to throw yourself on those fluffy pillows before taking a steamy hot bath? (Well, we definitely do)

TShell Room
That bathtub is just LOVE

3. Super chic Bali Rooftop Villas

Atop the hotel compound, there sit the cherry on the cake: 12 rooftop villas perched on the 5th floor of the hotel, with private butler services on request - each one of the private pool villas features its own swimming pool, living and dining as well as bathrooms even more spacious.

We mean, look at these villas - we're just in love!

Luxury meets serenity
Your own private swimming pool
Spacious bathroom and bathtub enough for two
Private dining space
On top of the world
Your own private space
Your own private living
Your own private terrace
"Lounging" to relax

Still not convinced? You will be - move on to the next page!


4. Jenja Bali - Seminyak's best full nightclub experience

Apart from its beaches, Bali is also known for its nightlife experience that parallels Ibiza's. And one of the best nightclubs there is in Bali is none other than Jenja, occupying the left wing of TS Suites compound.

What we love about Jenja: great music (they're the only one club in Bali playing real techno and underground genres), sophisticated crowd (they have quite strict entrance policy without being annoying) and of course the ambiance. Jenja is crowded every day they are open - Wednesday to Saturday. Everyone in Jenja is effortlessly gorgeous, happy and lively.

And of course, when you stay at TS Suites, you can simply show your room key to get free entry to Jenja. What more can we ask for?


More about Jenja

Feel like you wanna club there already? Check out further info about Jenja here:


TS Suites Hotel Bali
Jl. Nakula 18
Ph. : (0361) 882 7711
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Mon 10 Jul 2017

Club Review - Jenja (Bali)

Bali's hottest underground nightclub with real sounds!

The next things will get you even more in love with TS Suites!

5. All-day breakfast: buffet-served or in your own room

When we're on holiday, we tend to get up later, don't we? Or, after a fun night out in Jenja, you'd probably want to sleep longer. This is WHY staying at TS Suites is just great for us night-owls who are definitely not early-risers: they serve all-day breakfast from 6 AM up until 11 PM.

You can have your breakfast either in their sumptuous 3rd floor all-day dining area from 6 to 10 AM, or brought to your room if you happen to stay in the Suites or the Villas - until 11 PM, that is. TShell Suite guests can opt to have all-day breakfast in the restaurant.

What we love? The complete East-meets-West breakfast. Also the hot beverage options too: black espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot tea or hot chocolate - your choice.

Breakfast is served! (in your own room)
The sumptuous dining hall
Mmm. Cold latte. Also an option for breakfast

6. Late Check-out

Standard check-out time at other hotels: 12 PM. At TS Suites? 2 PM. Sometimes, you can also stretch it to 3 or 4 PM, depending on availability. Ask the staff a day earlier or in the morning before your check-out time. This is something we find most convenient, because it means you're in no rush for breakfast, for gym or for packing.

And by the way, seriously, with a view like this, WHO in their right mind wants to check out early?

Let's check out later...or never!

Loving it already? Wait, we have more!


7. Free minibar & toiletries, refreshed daily

We know this might seem trivial, but like we said earlier - it's the little things that count, that matter. The minibar at all rooms are refreshed daily - with sodas, bottled water, snacks and chocolates, as well as the toiletries (with the Indonesian signature fragrant jasmine essence).

Small attentions to detail is what can differentiate between a good stay and a GREAT stay. 

TSand Suite

8. The gorgeous infinity pool

Rooftop infinity pool

Gleaming blue under the sun - the infinity pool with sun-loungers half-dipped in the water and the spacious daybeds. What's so good about this? Well, by the end of afternoon, the pool will have been baking under the sun all day and the water is just the right temperature: warm, comfortable - plus, on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), you usually have Sunset DJs playing in the rooftop bar adjoining the pool - just get some cocktails to sip and the world will just feel perfect.

The Olympic-sized infinity pool and the bar are both open 24-7-365. Add to that the fab gym overlooking the pool - stay fit while holidaying is totally possible!

Recommended: their pizza with frozen margarita. Mmmmm.

Still more in store!


9. Location, location, location

Walking distance to the beach is something we think a must to have when choosing hotels in Bali (anywhere you stay with a beach nearby, actually). This is a plus point we absolutely love from TS Suites - it's only about 1 km - more or less 10-15 mins walking if you feel like it, or if you don't really fancy walking, the shuttle is always ready to bring you to and fro toward the famous Double Six Seminyak Beach, from 8 AM to 6 PM.

We personally love Double Six Seminyak Beach, because it's clean, less crowded than Kuta and if you need some waves, you've got it. Some affordable surf or bodyboard lessons are also available. How can you not be in love with this beach?

Double-Six Seminyak Beach
The shuttle <3

10. TStore: what you need to fulfill your inner fashionista

Last but not least - the fabulous TStore, Bali's own answer to Galeries Lafayette - where you can leash the fashionista in you - where designer items and choice pieces are carefully curated to meet all your needs for any occasion.

Rows and rows of all fashionistas' dreams

To find out more about TStore, please check the links below:


TS Suites Leisure Bali

Jl. Nakula no. 18
Ph. : (0361) 846 9070
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Thu 19 Jul 2018

TStore at TS Suites Bali - a hidden gem in the Balinese fashion scene

The dream of every fashionista in Bali finally comes true.




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