Top things to do in Bali during December 2019

Holidays are here, and its time to find the best activities and attractions for your vacation. In Indonesia, many tourist attractions are definitely tempting for travel lovers. In contrast to other months, December maybe is a month that makes people think twice before going on vacation as December is the rainy season. However,  plenty of people choose to head off for vacation anyway.

Speaking of holidays, Bali is a natural choice for both local and international travellers from around the region. Despite being rainy season, there are still many things to see and do. Here are some of our top choices of things to do in Bali this December.

1. Explore Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud monkey forest is one of the most popular attractions in Bali. This place presents an atmosphere of a protected forest with more than 186 species of trees inhabited by more than 700 monkeys. An interesting point is that if you visit during the rainy season, especially December, you will find the air is much fresher than other seasons, and you can appreciate the magnificence of nature – not spoiled by pollution.

2. Embark on a Submarine Tour

In December, a lot of visitors opt for submarine tours, as it’s not really affected by the rain. This tour takes us to see the underwater wonders that we will always be thankful for. Despite the rain, the atmosphere in the seabed is not affected so that tourists can still enjoy the amazing view under the sea.

3. Visit Bali's famous temples

No wonder that Bali is an area that has a lot of temples. Many temples are scattered in various places with different uniqueness and attraction. For those of you who are on holiday in Bali and interested in Balinese culture, it’s always interesting to visit some of the famous temples in Bali to experience Balinese culture in real life.

4. Denpasar Festival

One of the top activities in Bali in December is to visit the Denpasar festival which is usually only held at the end of the year until the beginning of the year, December to January. In the Bali latest calendar, Denpasar festival will be held in December. During the festival you can see the culture and enjoy the performances. That way your vacation will be very pleasant.

So, for those of you who have plans to take a vacation to Bali in December, don't need to worry or think anymore, even though it’s rainy season, you can still enjoy your vacation in Bali and create a variety of unique experiences that you will remember.

Happy Holidays :)



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