Things to do in Bali: Upcoming Events 2019

What makes you motivated to visit Bali? It could be its exotic cuisine, its vibrant nightlife, the beautiful beaches, or even traditional events and festivals. Interested to know what’s going on in Bali over the coming months? read on.

There are quite a number of festivals and events held in Bali each year, taking place almost every month. Bali festivals may include traditional festivals, religious ceremonies, and even music festivals. Here are a few of the events to look out for in November and December 2019.

In Bali, two main events are going to be held in November.

1. Legian Beach Festival:
This event in Bali would be something more than just sun and sand. Legian is a popular beach spot located not far from the famous areas of Kuta and Seminyak. Legian is best known for inspirational arts and crafts, catching waves, and dining experiences. Legian Beach Festival is a memorable event for all who attend. This outdoor festival takes place from day until night, along 700 meters of Legian beachfront. It is one of the most anticipated events so it will give you the whole new experience. The festival includes live bands, traditional performances, and much more!

This year’s Legian Beach Festival will be held from 8-12 November, 2019.

2. Makepung Lampit Race:
This event is different from the usual Makepung race. Makepung Lampits are held in wetlands. This is the place where a pair of buffalos pulls the lampit or the wooden board on muddy terrain. This event came into existence after being inspired by the Balinese agrarian traditions. Makepung Lampits signifies the culture and tradition of going royong, there everyone joins and helps each other. In its villages, everyone is helping each other in the process of leveling land to get ready for harvesting season. This initiates the event of Makepung Lampit.

This interesting event can be observed from from mid-July until mid-November.


In Bali, the Denpasar Festival is one of the main events of December 2019.

1. Denpasar Festival:
The main focus of Denpasar festival is happiness and sustainability. It discerns over the entire potency and essential existence of Bali’s creative industry. The festival is held at the end of the year and its official name is Gajah Mada Festival.

Denpasar event celebrates the year with a silver lining. Its celebrations use various themes each year. It also includes exhibitions and ethnic musical performances by several Balinese artists. The end part of this festival is celebrated with a parade and dance at the end of each year.
Bali is an incredible place to visit and its traditional festivals and events will make it more worthy for you.
The festival will take place on 28 December, 2019.



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