A closer look at our Bali Rooftop Villas

Bali is the most famous destination for holidays among the Indonesians as well as international visitors.

TS Suites in Seminyak Bali aims to create memorable experiences for your holiday to Bali. This includes luxury lifestyle hotel facilities, spectacular Bali rooftop villas, and even 2PM standard checkout time. 

Here at TS suites, we have a range of spacious rooms, as well as 4 types of luxury private pool villas on the rooftop of our hotel! Take a closer look. 


Rooftop Villas in Bali

rooftop villa bali

Who says villas need to be on the ground. Here at TS suites, we have a range of luxury private villas located on the roof of our hotel. The villas range from the 200m2 TSky to the expansive TStar which covers 335m2. 

Each of these is a 2-bedroom villa, including 2 bathrooms, pantry, dining area, and lounge to hang out with your friends. 


Specialty Private Villas Seminyak at TS Suites

Private Villas Seminyak tstar

We have 3 specialty villas at TS suites, each named after the view seen from that villa. The first is TShore which overlooks Seminyak Beach. Next is TSun. This East-facing villa has the best view of the Bali Sunrise. Finally, TStar is our largest villa which boasts an expansive view of the night sky.


Seminyak Private pool Villas